Medical hypnotherapy is the perfect collaboration of mind and body during the recovery process. 

When you are healing from an injury or disease your body naturally goes through a time of rest and then a time of therapy to recover your Optimal Health. It is equally as important to allow your mind to follow the same path as your body during the healing process. While convalescing it’s easy to distract your attention with mindless entertainment. But, just as the body reaches the point where it must move and strengthen to reach its full healing your mind must also stretch and awaken to reach its full capacity. This is where Medical Hypnotherapy becomes a vital tool in your positive health tool box.

Clinical Hypnotherapy puts your mind and energy in Optimal Healing Focus, while undergoing treatment.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the collaboration of  body, mind and energy while receiving medical treatment. Clinical Hypnotherapy, with Hemingway Hypnosis, is usually performed in a Doctor’s Office or Hospital prior to surgery, therapy, or submersive treatment plans. Aligning your subconscious mind and conscious mind activates your determination and body’s own optimal healing systems. For example receiving hypnosis for surgery works on many levels.

  • Prior to surgery Hypnosis can diminish stress and fear, reducing the stress hormones in the body. Calming the fight or flight response while activating the body’s Parasympathetic Nervous System, slowing the heart rate and breathing. Placing your in the ideal curative state.
  • During surgery patients can wear earbuds and listen to positive messages of wellness and healing. Actively visualizing themselves happy and healthy. The subconscious mind is always listening, any negative words said under anesthesia are heard and understood.
  • Post surgery Hypnosis creates feelings of certain healing, boosting morale and confidence. Assuring the patient that they are already on the road to recovery.

The same practice works during any other intensive healing therapies.


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Working towards long-term healing than short-term treatment. Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to assist along the entire treatment process.

Rebuild Trust

Accelerate Healing

Find a New Normal

Clinical Hypnotherapy/Medical Hypnosis- Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Hypnotherapy?

A specific branch of Hypnosis that treats the emotions, and the physical symptoms from those emotions, that rise from long term illnesses and recoveries. The utilization of  Hypnotherapy is a cutting edge, effective compliment for medical protocols treating the whole body, mind and energy.

What does Hypnotherapy treat?

Depression, Anxious Feelings, PTSD, Sexual Dysfunction, Sleep Problems, Anger Issues, Pain Management, Social Anxiety, Migraine Management, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Weight Loss and many other things, under your doctor’s supervision.  

How long does it take?

Usually 5-7 hours of time is spent with the Hypnotherapist. The treatment protocol is scheduled in 3 sessions. A 2-3 hour Discovery Session, and two 1-2 hour Hypnotherapy Sessions. Sessions can be held in the Doctor’s office, Hemingway Hypnosis offices or conducted remotely from the comfort of your home.

Why use Hypnosis?

The Brain and the Mind occupy the same space yet perform many different functions. While receiving state of the art medical therapies for your body from your physician, you will also be receiving state of the art energy/thinking therapy from your Hypnotherapist. This is the perfect compliment for optimal healing. 

What is the Hypnotherapist’s Training?

Tracy Hemingway, CCHt, CTHt was educated at the only State Licensed School of Hypnotherapy in Florida. She completed all 500 hours of training offered.  Surpassing the recommended certification of Clinical Hypnotherapists by more than 100 hours. Tracy has worked in medical offices around the country and has treated hundreds of patients in the past five years.

Will I ever be asked to do anything against my will? Like quack like a duck?

No, you are in complete control during all states of hypnosis. This is a shortcut to the subconscious mind to utilize all parts of your brain in the healing process. 

Is it covered by my insurance? 

Insurance does not usually cover the cost of Hypnosis.  Clinical Hypnotherapy, through Hemingway Hypnosis can be purchased as a 3 session package or hourly. Both patients and caregivers alike can benefit. 

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