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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy combines therapeutic techniques and the natural expanded state of mind known as hypnosis. Hypnosis, or trance, has been used throughout the ages to safely and gently access the subconscious and its divine wisdom. Hypnotherapy holistically integrates body, mind and spirit into a force for healing and transformation.

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What can Hypnotherapy help Treat?

Meet Tracy, CCHt

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist serving Metro Orlando and the surrounding communities of Central Florida, Tracy Hemingway offers hypnotherapy which is safe, professional, confidential, and affordable. Contact her to learn more or to schedule a consultation.  

Soulmates and Reincarnation

I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing Brian Weiss author of Many Souls Many Masters , published July 1988, the first book I ever read pertaining to reincarnation and past lives.  I read that book almost 30 years ago and it changed the way I saw so many things and...

High School/College Transition Through Hypnosis

College Readiness Workshop “Nearly ⅓ of College Freshmen do not return for their Sophomore year….” You have all heard horror stories of 18 year olds leaving for their first year away at college who have not adjusted well and returned home defeated, sad and 20k poorer...

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