Develop Brain Resilience Through Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy and Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) treatment 


Years after an athlete steps off the field for the final time, concussion symptoms can still plaque them. It may have been a decade since the initial trauma, but they are still struggling with familiar ailments from a long-forgotten injury. It has recently been uncovered that Brain Resilience is required to fully recover from a concussion. Not just the ability of being resilient as a person, but the brain’s innate neuroplasticity to create connections differently. This kind of resilience is a neuroplastic technique that your brain can learn. In many ways the process of Hypnosis can assist in this unique connective unfolding.


Embracing the well-known processes of right-brain and left-brain, Hypnotherapy can trigger the right brain into a rest and repair mode, while escaping the fight-flight-or-flee mechanism. Practicing hypnotic visualization, meditation, and daydreaming activates the right side of the brain and allows the body to relax and enter into a healing flow state.


During the recovery of an injury, it is our tendency to live in the left brain world. Full of to-do lists, therapies, appointments, and sometimes conflicting advice. Little time and attention is given to imagining what a best case scenario would look like, when we are constantly bombarded by the worst. If you cannot even imagine getting better how can you find the strength to do it?


Practicing brain resilient exercises can assist patients with their sleeping patterns, their daily health habits, and their overall mental well-being. Becoming adept this practice diminishes feelings of helplessness, depression, and anxiety. Finding that resilience within yourself all but eliminates the self-destructive behaviors of anger.


Studies have shown that hypnotherapy goes beyond any placebo effect in the treatment of medical conditions. The very act of a patient believing that what they are doing is improving health and well-being, assists the body in recovery. A patient’s ability to believe in a treatment, medicine or doctor, improves the chances of that patient following through with prescribed therapies. They become more diligent in their self care and improve their mood, thereby improving their health. It is commonly known that each emotion a person feels, bathes the cells throughout the entire body, in chemicals and hormones. Feel good emotions bathe those cells in beneficial chemicals and hormones, while negative feelings and thoughts do the opposite. Enabling patients through hypnosis to improve their outlook multiplies the improvement of their health. 


Many different types of right brain triggered activities can be utilized through the hypnotic process. Allowing patients to use this brain resiliency tool in their continued healing and overall Improvement. Contact Hemingway Hypnosis for more information.


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