“The answers to life’s biggest questions are here… This is where eternity happens”


Have you ever…

  • Had such a vivid dream, you knew it was real?
  • Known someone in a dream but they looked nothing like themselves?
  • Met someone for the very first time and just knew you’d known them before?
  • Experienced Deja’ vu?
  • Seen a photo of somewhere you’ve never been and known exactly where it was? How it smelled?  What was behind the door?
  • Do you know ‘something’ is holding you back?
We are all on Unique Versions of the same journey.  The souls’ need to grow, learn and find peace is Universal, we just have different names for our paths.  In Hypnotherapy you are free to explore your Past Lives and journey into the Inter-Life to speak with your Angel Guides.   While in the Inter-life, you can answer many questions about your Karma, Life’s Calling, Contact other Souls in your Soul Group or just receive Personal Revelations can help re-align your compass to find your own true north.


The answers to life’s biggest questions are here 

This is where eternity happens

Through my years as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist I have found the most powerful tool in my hypnotic toolbox is the Past Life Regression Session. Fascinating narratives have come to life and opened up people’s hearts, minds and intuition. I am so very grateful for all of those therapists who have spent their lives work creating the foundation for this life changing experience. Brian Weiss, Many Lives Many Masters, was the first book I read about past lives.  Almost 30 years ago that book changed the way I consciously thought, acknowledging that I had subconsciously known this information for lifetimes. 


The PLR session is my own personal calling to do with all of my clients. However, if a client comes to see me with a specific problem or addiction I recommend three to four traditional hypnotherapy sessions before we address the idea of a past life regression. Though I do say,

“If you only have one hypnotic session in your life make it a past life regression.”


In this chapter I will  explain what is done in a  Past Life Regression Session. Educate you about the different ways a past life can show up in the session, with examples of previous clients.

  • Traditional Reincarnation
  • Transmigration 
  • Space-time Theory
  • Split Soul/Twin Soul Theory
  • Past Life Tourism

My goal is to inform you what to look for before having a past life regression, while answering frequently asked questions about PLR sessions.


First and foremost, do your research before hiring a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. It amazes me how many Hypnotists have gone to a three-day weekend workshop and consider themselves experts in this area. You must find someone who is trained in other areas of therapy or hypnotherapy not just PLR. Many times I have seen clients come in for a PLR and we must address pain from this lifetime before moving forward. A practitioner who has not been trained in other areas such as childhood regressions may not know how to address this situation.


Also, make certain that your practitioner is familiar with the interlife or life between lives. My first personal experience with PLR we did not explore the interlife and I felt short-changed.  Having a hypnotherapist that has studied many Spiritual Traditions is helpful as well, different symbols can come forth in the after life that have multiple interpretations. Although the ultimate interpretation is that of the client. 


PLR sessions can be done in many ways. Office visits are preferred, I’m fortunate enough to live in Orlando, so many of my clients are able to travel here and schedule a past life regression during their vacation. With the miracle of Skype or Zoom,  I am able to perform a PLR with anyone in the world with amazing results. I have lead group past life regressions, however, usually only 10% of the attendees are able to allow themselves to have a vivid PLR experience. 

You do not require a hypnotherapy session to remember a past life. Sometimes while performing everyday tasks a vision will appear in your mind that is meaningful and unexplainable; it may have nothing to do with what you are doing in the here and now. Past life memories can visit us as deja vu, during meditation, and while dreaming. Through the hypnotherapy session you are able to bring a past life into conscious thought, examine it, and analyze the effects it is having in your life today.  This is where the miracles occur.

You are completely in control during any hypnotherapy session. You never need to worry that you will say or do something embarrassing. Contrary to popular belief you are fully capable of lying under hypnosis. A Hypnotherapist can never make you do something you don’t want to do. Throughout the session you have the ability to open your eyes, end the experience, or even get up and leave. Your free will is never at stake by taking part in the hypnotic state.

During a  past life regression  you are only hypnotized into an Alpha state of trance. This is a very light state in which you are able to converse with your therapist and completely remember all the experiences you are having. You are fully present and sensing everything subconsciously.  You can be utterly immersed as yourself in this lifetime.

This is very different from a past life psychic reading. During the PLR you are seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling or sensing your surroundings. You are even able to feel the emotions that you were feeling in that past life. Unlike the typical psychic reading where you are being told where you were and what you were doing.

I record  my PLR sessions however, it is important for you, as the client, to take the time to journal and record your own experiences. What you said out loud during the session is on the recording but it doesn’t always include your underlying feelings and how they were being interpreted in your heart and mind.

My PLR clients have been freed from lifelong burdens and given clarity to envision their future.  The insight gained in these sessions is invaluable. Through PLR my clients tap into the wisdom of knowing they are and have always been divine eternal beings.  Again I say, “If you only have one hypnotic session in your life make it a past life regression.”


Prepare yourself for the Journey of a Lifetime…. or many Lifetimes

  • Past Life Regression– Visit a Past life that has had the most effect on your your current life and situation
  • Specific Past Life Experience- Meet your Soulmate,  Children, Parents, Siblings  in a different time and space
  • Past Life Tourism- Journey to many past lives, looking at snippets and collecting names, times, and places
  • Interlife Experience- Spend time in the interlife connecting with Spirit Guides and Your Soul Groups and Families
  • Interlife Journey- To Connect with loved ones that have passed on


*My personal Spiritual journey started with graduating from the Seminary and becoming an Ordained Minister.  I’ve studied countless Spiritual and Religious practices and after decades of growth I find myself a Zen/Earth Goddess/Course of Miracles Student.  I’m qualified to counsel on Spiritual Growth and Guidance and embrace all walks of life.

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