Are you READY to let it go?: Reach Your Ideal Body Weight

dsc_0066In this miraculous world, we have so many things we can enjoy when we are healthy and happy.  Having a healthy body makes the most of the beautiful weather and the year round activities that we have in Florida!  There are so many books on losing weight, you could find 100+ different books on the subject.  Plus 100+ workout books on the same subject.  We all know the basic theme….Eat Less, Move More.  But all the knowledge in those books mean nothing if you are holding onto the weight subconsciously.  We may never know why you’re holding onto that body shield, what it could be protecting you from.

Through Hypnotherapy you find the tools to release the weight and keep it off.

The Weight Management Program and Hemingway Hypnotherapy starts and continues with the Whole Person.  We all have places in our life that need fulfillment.  It’s just easiest to fill those places with Donuts.  Let’s find the gaps together and fill them with what you are really hungry for.  Health is a way of being, a human being.

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