“The Epidemic of Depression we are seeing today should be seen for what it really is, a collective cry for the healing of our hearts.” – Marianne Williamson, Tears to Triumph

“We’re always trying to move out of the darkness, when all we have to do is turn on the light.” – Steve Potter


We don’t make the effort to change until we are in a full-blown life crisis.


Which Life Crisis are you waiting for?

  • Break up/Divorce
  • Loss of Job
  • Medical Diagnosis/Spiritual Diagnosis
  • Loss of Life Dream
  • Shock


Too many of us wait until we are in full-blown life crisis before we change our subconscious habits. Most stay stagnant no matter how destructive.  We can see this pattern in others very clearly, the smoker that is ‘shocked’ they have lung cancer. The overweight friend with terrible eating habits ‘suddenly’ has diabetes.  The couple who has drifted apart for years ‘abruptly’ decides to separate. Yet we have become ignorant to our own unhealthy subconscious behaviors.

Once you have stepped into life crisis you have a choice, either you miraculously find the energy to create Optimal Health, heal from past relationships, readdress your life vision, or pivot your career decision; or you wallow and self-medicate while living in the darkness of the depths.  This choice is entirely up to you. The healing can happen instantaneously or it can take years and years. It all depends on how closely you are willing to listen to your higher self. Do not get me wrong this healing is neither easy nor painless. Frequently the Earth View of healing this crisis is not the same as the Eternal View. Your journey is yours alone and each crisis is another chapter in that eternal journey.

We are surrounded by stories of people who have hit rock bottom, only to rise up out of the depths and change direction. When you envision someone hitting rock bottom, they can use momentum from the ground below their feet, bend their knees and push up from the ground, changing their life trajectory, and moving rapidly through the water. Only to emerge somewhere new and further along.

However when you find yourself treading water, using all of your energy just to stay afloat, it is almost impossible to get the momentum to move forward in big strides. That is why so many of us stay stagnant through our lives, doing the same things over and over again and while we find the thought of changing difficult and overwhelming.

Then there are the lucky people we know that seem to avoid the shadow side of life. They appear to seamlessly progress along,  always in the right place at the right time. The perfect opportunity lands in their lap, serendipity smiles upon them, they seem to live a charmed existence. The difference between the lucky few and the hit rock bottom crowd is the act of listening to their intuition. When their intuition speaks the successful listen. 

Think of the many times that you received the angelic tap on your shoulder and ignored the call. The quiet whisper, the little nudge, that had it been followed, you would have saved yourself from going into life crisis whether large or small. The Universe speaks to us in impulses, no matter how minute.  When you regularly ignore the gentle tugs of spirit, it becomes progressively stronger, until it is like a two-by-four hitting you in the head. This proverbial two-by-four is the Universe’s way of stopping you in your tracks until you pivot and change your life’s course. This experience is clearly a turning point in your life, the day your life changed. By habitually listening to your small inner guidance you can avoid some life crisis and change your life with ease.

Your conscious awareness of that still quiet voice, and developing the skill to listen to those tiny urgings towards change, puts you in the driver’s seat. Instead of waiting for a life crisis to adjust the direction of your future, you can consciously create the space in your life for change, without having to experience a full-blown life crisis. Through Hypnotherapy you can seamlessly change direction of your life in a moment.

The choice is entirely up to you. You metamorphosis is eminent.

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